About Us

The Franklin Pierce Early Learning Center houses all Franklin Pierce preschool programs. Head Start, ECEAP, Developmental Preschool, Community Preschool, and High Needs preschools are housed under one roof. Children of all ability levels and needs will interact and learn together. At the same time, students with special needs will receive individual and small group instruction designed to increase their learning, and to transfer new skills into integrated classroom settings.

All teachers and staff receive state-of-the-art professional development to enhance their skills, and we strive to create the best learning opportunities and greatest student success to prepare ALL children to be successful in Kindergarten and beyond.

Students' skills are assessed regularly, and multiple sources of data are used to develop goals and strategies to meet each child's learning needs. For students in need of more direct instruction, small learning group opportunities are provided. For students with more significant needs, special education testing and individual and small class instruction are available.  

We use research-based instruction and adhere to the Franklin Pierce Early Learning Guidelines to guide our teaching. We use the following teaching strategies, assessments, and programs:

Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies (social-emotional development)
School-wide Positive Behavior Support
Creative Curriculum
Teaching Strategies GOLD
Individual Growth and Development Indicators, Literacy and Math
Building Blocks PreK (Math pilot)
Story Champs (language development)