Education starts at school and continues at home. There are plenty of things that you, as parents, can do at home to help your child along a strong developmental path. Here are some helpful tips to give your child an advantage at home, which will transfer to the classroom.

Read, Read, Read.....

Reading is vital for children to learn in school and in life. Take every opportunity you can to read with your child. The Pierce County Library is a great source for preschool-age children's books. They also provide a variety of learning events and opportunities throughout the year. Research shows that you can start reading to your child at birth and should read to them 10 to 30 minutes per day. Even 5 minutes per day is beneficial. Help your child become a reader! 

Math and Writing....

Early math skills have been found to be the most important skills for students to be successful later in school. Counting, talking about sizes, the names of shapes, measuring things and comparing them are all important--which one is taller, bigger, more, less, heavy,first, last, counting objects, recognizing numerals, and knowing how many fingers you hold up without having to count them--these are important math concepts. 

Writing skills start with copying lines and shapes, and the first letter of a child's name. Coloring, tracing, and drawing all teach pencil control for future writing.

Make it Fun and Exercise!

Games can be great learning tools. Simple board games, card games, and memory games help your child in learning essential problem solving skills, while ensuring they have fun! Playing outside and in playgrounds is essential to develop large motor skills. Let children climb, run, ride, jump, swim and play outdoor games. Movement and vigorous activity will help teach your child how to be healthy over their lifetime. Letting children help with simple household tasks and food preparation teach children skills, independence, and how to help others. Eating the results of their own "cooking" is the best reward!