Head Start/ECEAP

We have 6 Head Start and 6 ECEAP classrooms.  Head Start classrooms can have up to 19 students each while ECEAP classrooms can have up to 16 students each.  A trained teacher and paraeducator provide evidenced-based instructional practices to enhance student learning and prepare all students for Kindergarten when they turn 5.

In order to qualify, families must complete the Head Start/ECEAP application form and return it to the Early Learning Center for processing. Family Support Specialists will review the application and required income documentation to determine eligibility. Once eligible, students will be enrolled and be able to start preschool!

Classes are usually on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Our Parent Calendar will show which days classes are in session.  Both Head Start and ECEAP programs are HALF day programs; morning session and afternoon session.  Transportation is provided as long as you qualify and your home address determines which session your child will be enrolled in.  Typically, students living north of 112th St. are morning, and students living south of 112th St. are afternoon.