In Person Learning information


  • Currently, class sizes for inperson learning does not exceed ten children per session to help increase the ability to space children in a classroom. 
  • Children will hang up coats in cubbies shared with the other class
  •   All people entering the classroom are expected to wash hands, which for our returning children is the same practice. Hand washing will take place when we enter and leave the classroom, as well as often throughout the day. Increased hand hygiene is important to keeping children safe.
  • Singing in the classroom is being replaced with rhyming and chants to help children transition throughout the day and to decrease the risk of transmission.
  • Small groups will be spread throughout the room to increase distancing.
  •  Outside time will be with partner classes as it has in past years with which they share bathrooms with, being careful to follow DOH guidelines of cohorts of 22 or less. Playground equipment is not deemed a transmission risk and will have daily cleaning.  There are individual items for classes to play with for each class to bring out. If trikes are brought out, the teachers will be responsible for cleaning them between the usage of each class.
  • Snacks will be eaten with children six feet apart once per day for approximately 10-15 minutes.
  • Free choice time may have individual bins of materials for each child. Social distancing for children strongly encouraged.
  • If a child is hurt or upset, an adult will be allowed to comfort them. The adult will be wearing appropriate PPE.