Message from the ELC

Dear ELC Family,

Welcome to the Hewins Early Learning Center. We have incredible children who learn through play-based instruction. I am delighted to have been at the ELC for three years and with the Franklin Pierce School District for 28 years. I have seen many wonderful changes in our district over these years. One of those changes is our growing Early Learning Center. We not only serve approximately 350 children in four different preschool programs, but also have regular Child Find activities for three- to five- year-old children in the district with suspected disabilities. We are in the process of building an addition to our Early Learning Center so that we will be able to increase our capacity and serve even more children in our district.

We provide various parent/family activities at our center, including Ready for Kindergarten. Each year, Ready for Kindergarten is a wonderful opportunity for all parents of three- and four- year-old children to learn about how to support their child’s learning in the home. A family does not need to be enrolled to be able to participate in this program. They just need to reside within the district and sign up.

It is wonderful to meet the families and children of our community. A main tenant of our school is Kids at Hope. We are a Kids At Hope school. We believe that ALL children are capable of success, NO EXCEPTIONS!

-Carol Miller
Frank Hewins Early Learning Center Director

Carol Miller
Director, Dr. Frank Hewins ELC
(253) 298-4675


Dear ELC Family,

Welcome to our Frank Hewins’ Early Learning Center! We are loud and proud regarding our 4-year old “new” center, our marvelous staff and the children and families who attend this program. I am finishing up my 16th year as the Coordinator of the Center and I have loved witnessing all the successes that have occurred working to help children accomplish great things in preparation for life. In setting life goals for our “kids”, we align with the parents and families, who are the child’s first teacher, truly making this a learning community. Together we can be focused on the best results for young children.

Being a Kid@Hope culture has given voice to “all children are capable of success…No exceptions”! This is the basis of what we do in our ELC, starting with the adults who are treasure hunters of all the wonderful attributes of each child. We share this with them and in setting the stage, children learn to be successful in relationships and connecting with others. The learning of the ABC’s and 123’s can then be taught in an enriched hands-on-learning environment through play and intentional studies. 

Drop by for a tour…let us show you the next building phase that will house 6 more classrooms.  We are growing, we are stronger, we are better than ever. 

As always…Upward and Onward!

Sandy Dickson

Frank Hewins’ Early Learning Center Coordinator

Sandy Dickson
Head Start/ECEAP Coordinator, Dr. Frank Hewins ELC
(253) 298-4673